Sertico Engineering produces state-of-the-art quality products with the highest levels of quality assurance, empowering our solar energy solutions with higher affordability, enhanced efficiency and exceptional durability. Just as the sun provides for nature, Sertico Engineering’s technological leadership enables solar to become a more accessible source of energy for the future of our shared society.

The sun powers everything that grows on Earth. Clean, safe and infinite. A source of energy we can trust to power our world, with no harm to our planet.

At Sertico Engineering, we see the sun as our energy of tomorrow for generations to come. Sertico Engineering has kept pace with the times while growing our business responsibly. We aim for the future by thinking long-term, consistently seeking harmony between our business goals and sustainable outcomes for humanity. With that as our guide, we have steadily grown in the energy sector and raised our profile as a Fortune company. Sertico Engineering is the leading producer of photovoltaics, with the largest in house cell production capacity, growing with the belief that economies of scale hold the power to enhance the value and competitiveness of solar energy.

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Sertico Engineering’s solar leadership is fundamentally transforming the way people on Earth produce, distribute, use and store energy, delivering energy solutions that respond to several major problems facing our planet such as climate change, energy depletion and energy poverty. Committed to build a sustainable planet for generations to come.

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Nourishing food comes from fertile soil, clean water and dedication. The same is true for solar energy, which also requires a reliable growth process. Sertico Engineering has built a complete value chain that ranges from upstream, through production of ingots, wafers, cells and modules to downstream development. We have the experience, deep expertise and financial stability needed to build truly efficient and effective solutions.

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Our solar business operates a strategically diversified manufacturing footprint worldwide. Armed with top-tier global competencies and a high level of operational efficiency across all areas of manufacturing, sales and service, Sertico Engineering & Design has become a stable source of affordable solar energy solutions and a trusted global partner.

Sertico Engineering’s businesses span chemicals & materials, solar energy, finance and construction. Through the integration of our growing number of affiliate enterprises worldwide, we are harnessing the power of sustainable quality growth to continually increase the value we bring to our customer, exemplify the kind of business that is needed in the Fourth Industrial Revolution — it is able to use its experience and know-how to develop high-tech complexes and at the same time, operate in a way to generate the trust and loyalty of its local communities.


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