The use of fossil fuels, such as coal and oil, and incineration of petrochemical materials, like plastics, contribute greatly to air pollution around the world. Indiscriminate waste disposal, meanwhile, has led to more than 10 million tons of detritus flowing into the ocean and harming marine ecosystems.

Protecting the environment has become an issue affecting all of humanity. As a global business, we must focus our efforts to develop and adopt sustainable technologies and business practices. These include helping to broaden the adoption of solar energy and building a reliable ecosystem for the rising hydrogen economy.


  Automation & Industrial Controls Design

  PLC Systems Design & Programming

  HMI Design & Programming

  Vision Systems (Camera Inspection)

  Drive and Motion Control Systems

  Electrical Schematic

  Wiring Diagrams

  Panel Layouts

  Relay Panels

  Loop and Logic Diagrams

  Communication Systems

  Operating Systems

  DCS Systems


  Industrial Application Structural Engineering

  Analysis & Design

  Crane Runway Analysis

  Building/Structure Modifications and Retrofits

  Foundations including Heavy Equipment

  Heavy Industrial Pavement

  Slab on Grade

  Lifting Beams

  Failure Analysis

  Detailed Plans for Repair

  Heavy Equipment Support Structures

  Stairs, Platforms, Walkways, Ladders, Towers

  High Temperature Furnaces and Ovens

  Hot Duct

  Industrial and Process Systems

  Flow Diagrams and P&ID’s

  Process Systems – Skid-Mounted

  Pressure Piping – Pipe Supports

  Pipe Stress & Supports Analysis

  Process Equipment Selection & Sizing

  Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers

  ASME Section VIII, ANSI B31.3, TEMA

  Duct and Duct Supports

  Process Water – Water Filtration

  Reverse Osmosis Systems

  Baghouses, Hot Duct, Tanks & Stacks


  3D Modeling

Sertico 16
Global Leadership in Solar Technology

As a leading solar-solutions provider, Sertico Engineering has established a robust value chain – from equipment manufacturing and sales to power-plant operations and management and energy retail – to deliver sustainable energy to customers around the world. With a global sales network and manufacturing facilities in China, Germany, Korea and the USA, Sertico Engineering is a major producer and supplier of highly efficient eco-friendly solar power solutions. Through constant innovation and refinement, Sertico Engineering exceptional product quality and excellent customer service has earned it numerous accolades around the world.


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